Dress Code

Club members, their guests and visitors must abide by the Club's dress code. Clothing worn during games, as well as while in the Clubhouse, should be clean and decent. Appropriate golf attire is essential at all times while on the course.

Proper attire:


en: Golf or Bermuda trousers, polo shirt with collar and sleeves tucked into the trousers/belt, closed golf shoes, properly worn cap or visor.

Not allowed :
  1. Jeans

  2. Short shorts, or other athletic shorts

  3. Shorts or Bermuda shorts with cargo pockets

  4. Sports uniforms

  5. Collarless T-shirts

  6. Open shoes

Not allowed :
  1. Jeans

  2. Leggings, tracksuits

  3. Blouses with a low neck or straps

  4. Open shoes of any type/heels


omen: Golf trousers, Bermuda shorts, belted skirt or skort, polo shirt with collar, sleeveless or sleeveless, closed-toe golf shoes, cap or visor properly worn.

Regulation for all:

Mobile phones are not allowed during the game.

Club House Dress Code:

Hats must be taken off.
After a round of golf or practise, all players are asked to clean their golf shoes before entering the clubhouse.
The dress code at the Colonial Restaurant is casual.
In general, appropriate, clean and neat clothing is requested.